Tuesday, December 2, 2008

"It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas"

I know it has been WAY to long since we have posted anything new. Sorry about that. Things have been really crazy lately. It is amazing how much time I didn't realize that I actually had before Addison came along. Now it seems like there is not enough hours in the day. Addison has had her nights and days mixed up for a couple of weeks now. We are slowly adjusting and trying to get her back on schedule.

Addie is beginning to develop the cutest personality. EVERYTHING is funny to her. If you really want to see how cute her personality is, it usually peaks around 2a.m. so come on over. I'm sure we will be up. HAHA. She is constantly smiling and laughing. Her hair continues to get more red and she is definitely becoming a big mommy's girl. I love it! Don't get me wrong, she is still crazy about her Daddy and whenever he enters the room she goes crazy until he picks her up. They are football buddies. Every time there is an Alabama game, Brian gets both of them dressed from head to toe in Alabama gear and they watch the game together. He claims that she is their good luck charm and that is why they are having such a great season.

Thanksgiving was a blast. We have so much to be thankful for this year. God has truly blessed us beyond what we deserve. I can't help but be reminded of it every time I look at my wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl. It is wonderful being able to share the holidays with my new little family as well as our extended families. I can't wait for Christmas to arrive. We have so many traditions that we want to share with Addison, not to mention traditions we want to start as a family.

So yes, we have had our Christmas decorations up since before Halloween. Christmas is Brian's FAVORITE holiday so he goes all out. So why go through all that trouble for just one month. Our house is beginning to look like toy land. Brian LOVES animated Christmas toys (pretty much anything that sings, dances or even just talks). Addison is beginning to gain an appreciation for them as well. She also is mesmerized by the lights on the tree.

I hope to get back into a regular schedule of posting. I can't really plan anything these days. Some little red-headed princess dictates my life lately, but I wouldn't have it any other way. So, if I don't post before Christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's! Oh yeah, ROLL TIDE!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6 Weeks

Many of you have asked for a Daddy update. I'm doing well. Thanks!

I guess I need to start from the time we came home. It's comforting starting life in Alabaster. Addison does great in the morning and even better at night! She sleeps in the bed in between Mattea and myself. When we start to get ready in the morning, she stays asleep in the big bed. The visual of her by herself in her "queen" size bed is enough to get your day started on a bright note.

the first day I had to go back to work, it was really hard to leave. As much as I wanted to get back into a routine, I kept thinking about my girls back home. I knew they would be ok together but I never want to miss a moment! I guess I've become a softy.

When i get home, I always get to hold her. Typically, she's sleeping and that's fine. We still get our quality Addie and Daddie time. I feel honored that Mattea lets me change Addie's diapers...she even renamed them Daddy Diapers. It is truly special to have poop named after you but hey, it works.

There are two things that Addison loves the most.....her showers and dancing with Daddy. You would think a baby would scream the whole time she was in a shower but she absolutely loves the water. She gets her face right in there and gets all cleaned up. The part where she cries is when we get her in a towel.

Daddy Dancing Time happens every once in a while when Mommy falls asleep. We go downstairs and put on the music channels on the TV. She mostly likes Arena Rock, Party Zone, and the 70s (sound familiar). She really has enjoyed selections from Queen, Katy Perry, and Chicago! Can't blame's good music.

Some other things we do are reading Daddy's old Sesame Street Books, Watching Disney Movies, going on walks in her stroller and watching Alabama Football (she is the reason they are undefeated).

Its weird to know she has been on this earth for 6 weeks and that she should've come this past Sunday. it's like that defies the law of physics or something! But it's been a great 6 weeks. We ahve already made several trips to Fort Payne and had dinner for a night in Montgomery. Of course, she is slowly becomming the queen of alabaster. Everyone has either seen her or has seen the pics.

Mattea has done soo well since the birth. She has since subbed at some of the local schools and has been brave enough to leave Addison at home. Don't worry.....she is getting spoiled with MeMe (my grandmother from New York) and Nena (my mom).

It will be nice this weekend when Mattea and I finally get a chance to relax and nothing else. We need this weekend to recoop and catch our breath. pretty soon we'll have the holidays and that will be special. Addie's first Christmas is coming and I get to play Santa.....why not? i've already got the suit.

And because I can't leave this on a serious note, here are some musings that I thought of for you:

*You are never too young to have pierced ears.....or painted fingernails!
*It can be ugly as sin.....but if it is sized is the cutest outfit ever.
*Actually....every new day is the cutest outfit ever!
*I secretly put an extra dab of Sleep Time Lotion on my hands to help me fall asleep.
*You can never own enough burp cloths, germx, diapers, baby wipes or hair bows!
*Finally.....the only outfit a little girl should wear for her first Halloween is a cat outfit....thus Addie the Kitty is born!

Love to all,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Loving every minute of it!

I know it has been a while since we have updated the blog. Sorry! I have been a little busy lately. A lot of things have happened since we last wrote. Addison is now almost 6 weeks and we are approaching her due date on Sunday. Addison is wonderful! I am absolutely loving every minute of it! She is now almost 6 pounds.

We have already experienced several firsts together. At about 2 1/2 weeks, she was able to take her first bath. She LOVES water! It is the transition time from to the tub to back to her PJ's that she isn't thrilled about. Baths absolutely exhaust her. It is so cute.

We also took her to Samford University for the first time on Saturday. She got to see where Mommy and Daddy met. We took her to her first football game. It was a lot of fun with all of the pre-game festivities that were not available when we went to school there.

Our families are absolutely crazy about her. They jump every time she makes a sound. She is already so spoiled! Addie has now gotten to meet both of her great grandmothers. Babies cannot ever have too much love. I love the fact that she is surrounded with so much love. Brian's grandmother is now staying with us for a little while. It has been great! The only problem is that I have been eating so much of her wonderful cooking that I may never lose all of this baby weight. The other night after dinner I was looking around and couldn't see the baby and she had her wrapped up in her apron. It was so cute! We have spent most of the day today baking cookies. I have so much to learn from her. My grandmother asks about Addison all the time. The minute we walk in the door, she wants to hold her. We usually have to fight her to get to hold her.

I went back to work for the first time this week. It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. I cried all morning. I even went home at lunch just to see her. She was fine. Her grandmother (Nena) and her great grandmother (meme) had everything under control. We are very blessed that she hasn't had to go to daycare yet.

For those of you who are interested, Addison's baby dedication will be November 9th at 11:00am at our church, Westwood Baptist Church. We would love it to have as many friends and family there as possible. If you can't make it, please just lift up our family in your prayers.

When more stories and pictures are available, we will post them. Until then, ENJOY!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What they don't teach you in school?

I've been a dad for 18 days now and i've learned soo much already. Some I had a sense of already and some have blown my mind! For instance:
- My daughter has more clothes than I do
- I never thought socks could be cute
- Pete's Dragon should be considered one of the top movies.....ever!
- So should Peter Pan.
- I thought Aerosmith was crazy saying Pink is my favorite I know why!
- God Bless the people at Johnson & Johnson
- I hope the Jonas Brothers are long gone before Addie knows what's going on.
- If we get 4 straight hours of sleep, it is a blessing.
- You can never have enough burp cloths.
- Hair bows are ok.
- I now drive the speed limit....sometimes a little too slow.
- Home cooked meals never tasted better.
- Addie perfectly conforms in between my man boobies and my belly.
- Poopy diapers are reason to celebrate.
- People come from all over to help out when you need them.
- I would be miserable if we still have 3.5 weeks left (due date was 0ct. 19th)
- How is it that a grown-ups lips are magnetically drawn to a baby's face every time they are in the same room?
- Finally, I think it would be pretty cool if I was the owner of stuffed animals that were as big as I was!

Thanks for thinking of us.


Monday, September 22, 2008

2 Weeks down...100,000 to go

Sorry it has taken us so long to update the blog. Things have been pretty crazy around here as you can imagine adjusting to our new/wonderful/amazing life. Addison is the perfect baby. It is just taking mom and dad a while to get on her schedule. We have made it 2 weeks and have 100,000 more to go and I can't wait to see what those weeks hold for us.

So here is the recap for the last 2 weeks...
We came home (to Alabaster) Friday, September 12th. "Kim the Great" came home with us to help us get settled in. Monday, "NeNa" came to help us transition. We had to carry Addison to the doctor here in Alabaster for a weight check. She had lost down to 4lb 8oz. I was devastated! We also had to check her for jaundice. I was a nervous wreck until we carried her back on Thursday. When we went Thursday, she had gained 4oz and is now up to 4lb 12oz. Yea!

Things we enjoy...
I never appreciated naps during the day until now. I am learning to take a nap when Addie does. We also enjoy getting out and taking a stroll around the neighborhood, especially since the weather has been so wonderful. Watching Disney movies with Daddy has also got to be added to our list.

Looking forward to...
I can't wait to be able to take her out and show her off to people. The holidays will take on new meaning this year.

Well, thanks for putting up with all of my rambling. Here are a few pictures from the last two weeks. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A mother's perspective

Wow, that sounds so weird... "A mother's perspective." This actually applies to me now. I can't believe it. It is so surreal. I am loving every minute of it. Everything happened so fast that it is just now sinking in. I guess it would be safe to say that Addison likes holidays. We found out we were expecting on Valentine's Day, found out she was a girl on Mother's Day Weekend, and she was born on Grandparents' Day.

I am so grateful everything and everyone who played a special role in the last few days. When you begin your own family, it makes you think about how special and important family is. There is no way that I could have gotten through this without my loving husband. He was a great tower of strength through the whole process. He kept me calm and laughing. He was an excellent coach during labor.

Another key player in this whole thing was my mother. I could not have made it through this pregnancy without her guidance. It was very special to be able to share this moment with her. All girls dream of sharing the birth of their first child with their moms and I was lucky enough to do this and more. Not only does Addison and my mom share the same middle name, this birth was extra special for us because my mom actually got to deliver her first grandchild. It was a very special experience for me.

While my pregnancy was rather difficult, my labor was relatively easy, or so I thought. I didn't know half of what was going on until after delivery. I guess it was better for me not knowing all of the severity of the situation because it would have made my blood pressure rise into an even more dangerous level. After learning all of what had occurred during my labor, there is NO DOUBT that GOD was in control. With as many problems as I had and for Addison to not have a single problem and to be "perfect" according to her apgar score of 9/9, that is truly a miracle. I love being able to share these precious moments with family and friends. We are truly blessed to have so many wonderful people in our lives.

Please continue to keep our family in your prayers as we recover and adjust to our wonderful new life. We are still not out of the woods yet as far as my blood pressure is concerned so we still have to be very cautious. Thank you to everyone for the calls, prayers and visits. Hopefully we will see you all soon! In the meantime, here are a few pictures for your enjoyment.

One of Addison's first photos
5 pounds, 1 ounce and 18 inches

Our family- 1 hour old
Addison- 12 hours old
20 hours old
Going home- 40 hours old

Monday, September 8, 2008

the best prizes in life come early - 6 weeks early!

September 7th, 2008 - 8:20 pm (that's 20:20 miltary)After only 25 minutes (!) in labor, Mattea gave birth to a beautiful 5.1 18" inch princess 6 weeks earlier than expected. Addison Kay Pavlick has some red hair, one dimple so far, lonnnnggg legs, long fingers, my forehead and nose, mattea's lips and chin! So basically, the cutest baby ever.

The fun started around 7 when they said we'll probably have another 2 hours or so. Once we dismissed everyone to go grab some dinner, we had to call them right back....Addison was coming and there was no stopping us. I got in the room and we began. Everyone would be really proud of mattea....for all the pain she had been in for the last 3 weeks, she gutted it out and fought like a pro. What she fought for was her "prize in the end" - our daughter.

As most of you know, there were a lot of "ifs" surrounding this impending birth. Would mattea have to go to UAB and not know any of the doctors instead of the ones she has known her whole life? Would something go wrong with the pregnancy given a 6 week premature notice? Once Addison was born, would she have to be air carried to UAB and have to leave mommy and daddy behind? Becaue of all your prayers, the answer was a resounding NO to all.

The visual of a baby coming into the world is a great moment, don't get me wrong. But I couldn't focus on that. I was more worried about keeping that cold washcloth on my wife's forehead. The moment that no one really picks up on is the moment the doctor puts the baby right in front of the mother. I was lucky...i didn't look at Addison then; I looked right at Mattea. My friends, I now know what "true love" looks like and i swells my heart typing this.

Chaos/Fun then ensued as the doctors and nurses cleaned her off, laughed and joked while my beautiful wife, 5 feet away from the baby, looked at ease and was finally relaxed. There is a great story about everyone with their ears outside the door listening for the cry of the baby. Once they heard it, everyone celebrated except one person, my dad. He leaned closer to the door. To him, the moment was not over, he needed to know one thing. All of a sudden, inside the room, he heard the newborn mother laugh. Dad pulled away from the door, sighed, looked at Mattea's father and said "Now, its ok, my girl's ok." I will probably always remember my dad for that one moment.

My big moment came when I got to hold Addison and they opened the door for me to go to the nursery. It may have only been 15-20 people but it looked like the subjects lining the grand palace just to get a glimpse of the new princess. I placed the baby in the nursery and started tickling her and talking to her when I looked at the nursery window. There were faces everywhere. it's funny because i could not have paid them to do this again but everyone fit perfectly in between everyone elses faces. Tall people above small people and middle people in between. They actually looked like the muppets! The only exception of course was matt (uncle buck) standing on his tipeetoes giving me the Borat thumbs up.

Of course, if you know me, this night was for everyone else. I spent a good majority of those next 2 hours letting everyone hug and hold my wife and see the princess. I just wanted to watch and see what joy a 5.1 lb girl to bring to everyone in the children's wing.

Finally, it was just the family. Pavlicks and Crows. Everyone got to take pictures and hold her. When she got to me, I did my 1-2-3s and ABCs. Guess what? She perked up and listened as if to say, now I know who's doing that. Friends, that moment was the greatest moment of my life to this date. Me and my wife and our child all getting to know each other for the first time.

For the rest of the night and today, its been dress up central and show-off after show-off. She is definately a little miss priss. But i appreciate all our friends and family stopping by and calling us to wish us well. I know you all want to help and I'll give you a tip how: Definately call/post/visit and let us know you're still praying for us but the honeymoon of the baby will wear off for a lot of people. Its the people that call and visit in the next couple of weeks when the baby has been here longer that will really make the difference.

I will try to post pics to the blog tonight/tomorrow. Thanks for all the prayers as mom and addison get to leave the hospital tomorrow. This truly was/is the miracle baby!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Saturday Update

Hey everyone. I just got back to the crow house to shower and to update the blog. Mattea did well this morning and was laughing and cutting up until 2. At that time, I left to go to HER baby shower. Obviously she couldn't go and I had to open the gifts in her place. Yes, it was weird but I would've done it all over again if mattea asked me to. Thanks to all her friends and family members who sent gifts, came to the party, set up the party, etc. I truly had a blast trying to figure out who people were, what they bought us, and why everything was so pink!!

When I got back to the hospital around 3:30 pm, Mattea had suffered a terrible headache and their were to be no visitors. Her blood pressure skyrocketed in 30 minutes so they tried to cool her off and gave her some medicine for her nausea. This lasted until around 6. She told me to go with my mom, her sister and Mrs Willett to go eat. We did and when we got back, mattea was fine.

The doctor is keeping a close eye on this. We are still trying to make it to monday, but if this keeps happening, we'll either have to start inducing tonight or sometime tomorrow.

Once again, everybody is really cool and calm about this and God is in control. I can't blame Addison for wanting to come out. Who wouldn't want to meet parents as cool as Mattea and me as soon as possible? :)

Thanks again everyone and have a great night.


"48 - 72 Hours"

Hey everyone,
Just wanted to catch you up on the last 24 hours. Yesterday (Friday) at 8:30 am, Mattea's doctor sent us over to do blood work and monitor the baby. 5 hours later, he came back with some news: He called the doctors at UAB for some advice and they told him that given Mattea's blood pressure situation, the baby needs to be delivered very soon. So with that information, Dr. Blake told us that we are going to admit Mattea, hook up an IV and start forcing contractions to see how the baby responds. He then said, "we'll look to deliver sometime in the next 48 to 72 hours."

So, Monday, September 8th, 2008 is the probable due date for Addison Kay!!!

I just got home from staying the night at the hospital with Mattea. She slept a good majority of the night and the baby slept as well. Even Daddy got some good rest suprisingly. It must be all the prayers working. Mattea has actually started laughing again and I believe she has a piece of mind now that we have a date.

Keep us in your prayers though as the situation is still up in the air. If the baby does not respond well or if they see something wrong before Monday, they will have to transport Mattea to UAB immediately. If the baby comes on Monday and they need to get her into critical care, they will take the baby to UAB. Best case scenario, mattea is fine, the baby is fine and all get to stay in Fort Payne.

Know that Mattea and I are happy either way. I know a lot of you reading have gone through this experience and you're saying "oooh I hope everything is ok." I want you all to know 2 things:

1) I appreciate your prayers more than anything.
2) Since this is my first experience with childbirth, i'll pretty much assume that whatever happens is the normal way to do things. I've really been calm and soothing this weekend(something i haven't been in the last 2 week). that in itself is an answer to prayer.

Thank you all and I will try to update daily from here on out.

Love to all,

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Addison's Room

I know I have been promising to post the pictures of her room for a while now. Sorry it has taken so long. Well, here goes...

This is the awning that my dad, who Addison will call Papa Chris, built for her room. The material covering the awning matches the crib sheet.

Here is her crib with her name above it that my mom, who Addison will call "Kim the Great" like Nick Jr.'s Little Bill calls his grandmother "Alice the Great," made.

This table will be next to the glider in her room. The lamp, with slight modifications, was my great grandmothers. The other things on the table were gifts from family and friends.
The shelf was found in an antique shop and was painted by a close family friend for Addison. She also added to it so we could store some of her books on the shelf as well.

This changing table was a gift from Addison's paternal grandparents, who still haven't decided what they want her to call them, and other family and friends. To avoid leaving someone out, I will not mention any one's name.
We still have a few things we want to do/get for her room but it is primarily finished. Thank you to everyone who helped us! Now all we need is our baby girl here.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Boredom has definitely set in...

I'm forewarning you that there may be some very random posts in the coming weeks as boredom begins to grow and my mind wonders.

Things are going as well as can be expected for being on bed rest. Everyone has been so wonderful with all of the prayers, phone calls, dinners, and etc. I started blood pressure medicine on Monday which seems to be working. It is keeping my pressure down for the most part as long as I still lay around; it just makes me feel yucky. I will start a series of steroid shots this weekend as a precaution to mature Addison's lungs in case she is born within the next week. I haven't left my house in a week and it is starting to take a toll on me but I'm hanging in there. We are taking it a day at a time. The longer Addison can stay put, the better. I just really hope she doesn't stay there six more weeks because I really will go crazy if I'm on bed rest that long.

The nursery will be finished this weekend (thanks to my wonderful husband and family). Today they got her name on the wall and hung the pictures and bookshelf. It is almost ready! I'm very excited about that. I will definitely post those pictures as soon as it is finished.

Fall is finally here with the introduction of football season! My favorite parts has to be Autumn Mix Candy Corn, Pumpkin Spice candles and cool weather. Football has to come in fourth place, not so much the game themselves but all the fanfare that comes with it. Our house will become football central on the weekends since we didn't get our season tickets this year to the Alabama games. It is okay with me because my favorite part of the games was the tailgating part anyways. I guess I just like all of the junk food. We may try to make it to a game after the baby comes but we will just have to play it by ear.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Earlier than expected...

As many of you have heard already, we may get to meet Addison earlier than expected. I have been having problems with my blood pressure. As it continues to steadily climb, I have been assigned complete bed rest in attempts to hold her arrival off for at least 3 more weeks but longer if possible. We are taking this day by day and playing it by ear to see how far I can go. I am not expected to make it anywhere close to my actual due date of October 19th but each day she remains with me, the better for her.

This experience has been very scary for both Brian and myself, but we know that we are not in this alone. We are getting through this by the grace of God and the loving support of family and friends. If you don't see us the next few weeks, we are still alive (and not just turned into hermits) and since I am confined to the bed, I will try to update the blog more frequently. I will be going to the doctor every week to keep a close check on everything. Addison is still doing great and is handling this well. Thank you all so much for your prayers and please keep them coming!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Baby Shower!

We had our first of two baby showers yesterday. It was given by the wonderful people that Brian work with at the Shelby County Reporter. I wanted to share a few pictures from the party. Brian and I were talking last night and we have come to the realization that we are blessed far beyond what we deserve. I mean, just look at the people who went out of their way to throw a beautiful baby shower for us at his work. Who could ask for a better work environment? They all feel like family to us and we are so ecstatic to share this wonderful experience with them all. Addison is very blessed to have so many extended aunts and uncles outside of our immediate family.

This cake was so adorable. It was chocolate with cheesecake filling in the center. YUM!

We were able to take a break from stuffing our face with all the yummy food long enough to take a quick picture.

Look at all of the presents! They were all color coordinated with the cake (and not to mention her room, pink and brown).I wanted to cry when I opened this gift. Miss Caroline Prince, age 3, is Brian's boss's little girl. She asked me to open her present first. She was so proud that she wrapped it herself. It even had writing on the paper that she read to me "To Mr. Brian, Mrs. Mattea and the new Baby... Love, Caroline." When I opened it, I found a worn copy of The Runaway Bunny. She wanted the new baby to have her favorite book from when she was a baby. She said her mommy read it to her every night. I couldn't help but get teary eyed. She is such a doll!
After that, of course I had to have Miss Caroline help me with the other gifts.

There are plenty of other pictures, but I just wanted to share a few with you. I hope you enjoy! Our other shower will be given by my friends and family in Fort Payne, AL the first weekend in September. When I get those pictures, I will put them up as well.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mom and Dad Pre-baby

Many of you have asked to see pictures of us pre-baby. I'm warning you, swelling has already set in so I'm a bit puffy and well, Brian is doing the opposite of most dads-to-be, he is actually losing weight. It really isn't very fair if you ask me.

We decided to let Tucker get a first hand look at Addison's crib. He wasn't too impressed.

This was actually taken on the swing in our back yard.

I like this picture. This is what Brian can usually be found doing, kissing and talking to my belly. Addie LOVES hearing his voice.

This is kind of far away but it is actually the first picture we have of us in front of our house.
I hope you guys enjoy the photos!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Am I Really Old Enough?

We are literally within 2 months of Addison being born and man has the pregnancy flown by. I've enjoyed all the little things that have happened along the way (painting the room, buying clothes, Braxon-Hicks?!), but i've been thinking a lot lately about how fast time has gone in general.

For instance,
I picked up a guitar for the first time.....15 years ago!
I remember buying Green Day's Dookie album.....14 years ago!
Remember the Braves winning the world Series?........13 years ago!
I remember going to the Olympics in Atlanta.....12 years ago!
I remember my last day at St. Bede's Elementary......10 years ago!
We saw all of Shaun's Alabama games 9 years ago!
Jeez, I last competed athletically 7 years ago!
I've now known Mattea for 5 years.... and then we've been married close to 2.5 years!
I also get a kick of those jobs that require 3-5 years of experience....well i qualify now.

But at 25 things are different:
I once was upset about school starting early august; now i'm glad those darn kids are off the streets.

I was born 2 years after Don't Stop Believing by Journey was #1 on the charts. Last week, I saw them play it live.

I actually drive 25 mph in the neighborhood.

On Friday nights you passed out at 2 am; now you pass out at 8:30 pm

I actually choose the more secluded beaches than the more popular ones.

David Letterman was a nightly routine; now i catch his highlights on Good Morning America.

I actually told my sister-in-law to turn down her music because it was too loud.

I'm actually older than LeBron James and the same age as Albert Pujols.

But i am almost able to add "Dad" to my resume. As a good local client of mine tells me, "I didn't know how to do nails, I knotted her hair, i'm a terrible date, and I don't fit well in a dress.....but I can throw one hell of a tea party!"

keep mattea and addison and I in your prayers as we go the next month and a half excited yet nervous. And as always, please keep in touch and send those fun stories.


Friday, August 1, 2008

3lb. 8oz.

I had my 28 weeks doctor visit and we were finally able to get some fun 4D sonar pictures. She was VERY active (and not to mention dramatic) today. Here are some of my favorites...

She was beginning to give us a little bit of a grin. I can't tell yet if she will have her Daddy's dimples. I really hope so.

She was mad at the sonar tech. because she was poking at her trying to get her to move her hand. If you look closely, you can see her eyebrows and nose are crinkled up. She was NOT happy!

"Here's looking at you kid." I LOVE this picture! She finally has her eyes open. She looks so mysterious.

Yawn....She was beginning to get sleep. My sister said she was trying to say "Hey Ya'll!"

You can definitely tell that she is her Daddy's daughter. She is sticking her tongue out at the camera.

Friday, July 18, 2008

More Pictures!

Here are our latest sonar pictures taken at 26 weeks 4 days. She is getting so BIG!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"There will be a prize in the end!"

Did you ever think about wanting something so bad all day and when you finally break down to go get it, they are out of it? Well, multiply that times 10 and that is the way I felt last night when the little girl at Dairy Queen informed me they didn't carry the strawberry shortcake any more. I was completely devastated! I had to settle for a coke float that didn't really hit the spot.

The hormones are getting to me. I was touching up the paint in Addison's room yesterday when I caught myself staring at her bed and just crying. I never knew I could love someone so much that I haven't even met yet. I imagine how she will look, will she have her daddy's dimples, will she even like pink (I sure hope so because she will be smothered with it until she can tell me otherwise.). On top of the emotional breakdowns, the heat is really getting to me. I was washing my car this morning before it got too hot and I found myself drenched with sweat then retreated to the kitchen to stand in front of the freezer. I never knew ICE could feel so good!

In all seriousness, I have been told that "there will be a prize in the end" and I can't wait to meet this wonderful prize. All of the little quirks that comes with becoming a mommy aren't anything when I think of the fact that I am bringing a little piece of both Brian and I into this world and truly uniting the Crow and Pavlick families with this wonderful "prize".

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weighing in at 1lb and 14 oz.

I had my 24 week doctor visit yesterday. Unfortunately that also encompassed me taking a sugar test (YUCK!), which I barely passed. Anyone who knows me, knows how difficult it would be for me to give up sweets. Thankfully I won't have to do that. Every thing is looking really good as far as Addison is concerned.

Our little girl is growing so fast! It is still really hard to tell who she looks like. In some pictures she looks like me and in others like Brian. She is weighing in at 1lb and 14oz, which measures exactly one week bigger than she should be. I guess its better for her to be bigger than too small. We are fortunate enough to have several sonar pictures each time I go. She is very stubborn. Every time we try to get a good 4-D sonar of her, she has her hands and arms up in her face. Maybe she just wants us to be surprised by her beauty when she finally graces us with her presence.

We finally got Addison's bedding. It is so cute! It is pink and chocolate dots and stripes. I can't wait to get started working on her room. When we get it finished, I will post pictures of it on here.

As time goes by, I begin to get more uncomfortable. As a wise woman once told me, " Its hard work cooking babies!" It is so amazing to have this little person growing inside of me. All of the uncomfortableness disappears when I think of the miracle that God has allowed me to help him create. She is constantly moving so I am constantly reminded of this little blessing.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Small Moments; Big Memories

Its been a great week for the Pavlicks. We bought Addison's first toy (a 2008 Ford Taurus)! the good fellas at Ernest McCarty in Alabaster helped me purchase the first brand new car Mattea has ever owned. And that really started of an awesome week where i relaxed and did some thinking.

It will be 3 months until I'm a dad. Its weird how much I've grown up and yes, still have to go. But i was just thinking, it was 7 years ago this summer that I went off to Europe and then off to Samford. Now, I'm 25, Assistant Advertising Manager of the Shelby County Reporter, married 2 years, own a house, have 2 dogs, and have really found peace of mind.

We just got back from Orange Beach. I thought of all the great beach trips i took and the traditions that have come with it. Playing mini-golf, finding seashells, going to the outlets and eating at lamberts. I can't wait for Addie's first trip to the beach. I saw a lot of little kids this week and in everyone of them, I picture my girl. Wearing those sassy swimsuits, creeping up to the water, letting it hit her toe, laughing and screaming and running back up to mommy, only to do it again. then I thought of her playing mini golf with mommy and daddy and making a hole-in-one. I can't wait for those days.

Tonight, I had the chance to do the simplest of jobs: mow the lawn. yes, i will grow to hate this task but tonight was different. There was a moment where I just stood in the street and looked at our home and smiled. I already have great memories of my home of 6 months. But then I visualized coming home from work and Addie running out the door when daddy gets home. or playing in the sprinkler when she is older. or shooting baskets and smiling when she makes one.

So i write this tonight knowing in 3 months, I will be a dad. I'm not nervous because i take support in the scripture verse on our baby's picture frame (Jer. 1:5 - "Before I made you in your mother's womb, I chose you.") I appreciate all the support from loved ones and I thank God every night for you all. keep Mattea and i in your prayers and if you can't give us a hug anytime soon, hug someone else!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Yes, I've gained sympathy weight!

So, 4 months have passed since Mattea woke me up on Valentine's Day at 4:30 a.m. and told me those special words, "you're gonna be a daddy!" My dimples have indented even more from all the smiling I've done since. It's been one comedy movie ever since and I've had more fun playing co-star to Mattea and Addison.

From the smell phases (did you know the DVDS at best buy had a scent that makes a pregnant woman sick?) to the cravings phase (deviled eggs and the same night?) to putting together the crib as a surprise to Mattea when the instructions require 2-3 people, I can go on and on. I don't keep any of the money I make nowadays; instead, it goes to the 900 outfits we have for Addie and to stock up on her Disney Movie collection. I know what you're thinking: what about your Muppet movies Brian? Don't worry, she'll learn!

I've haven't had time to converse with my daughter yet but I will tell you a few things about her: She's an attention hog, she's over-the-top dramatic, she loves to hear someone singing and enjoys a funny joke! Now you tell me - is there any doubt of whether its mine or the milkman's now?!

But seriously, Mattea has been great during this time and allows me to serve her all the time. It's been fun singing Five Little Speckled Frogs to her belly and read Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein. I'm ready to be a dad! I really appreciate the love and support from everyone and when they call me dad, it warms my heart. Keep sending emails, facebook messages and whatever with any advice because I will need it.

All the best,


3 more months to go

We have 3 more months before we get to meet our baby girl. Brian and I are so excited. Brian has started a routine with her already. Every night around 8:30, he counts (while pressing the corresponding times on my stomach), sings the ABC's and reads to Addison. Usually she starts going crazy about half-way through it. We usually end by saying our prayers. Brian is going to be such an amazing daddy.

The hot Alabama summer is starting to take a toll on me. We have been doing yard work at the house and I can only be outside for about an hour before I am drenched in sweat. Brian is coping with my reaction to heat well. I had to add a window unit to our bedroom because I stay so hot. Poor Brian usually has to wear his sweats around the house, meanwhile it is 95* outside today.

We have not started Addison's room yet. We have the crib put together but are waiting on the bedding to come in before we paint or get any other furniture. I just can't resist buying her clothes or hair bows every time I am out. There are so many cute baby things these days. Brian has been making fun of me because I have almost stocked the first rod in her closet with clothes and diapers for the first 3 months of her life. I told him that I was just beginning.