Sunday, October 10, 2010


So they say this is the luckiest day of the year. So far this month, we've been pretty lucky with all of our adventures. Football season has been fun in our house but Alabama lost their first regular season game since Addie was born. I think it had more to do with the fact that my Julio Jones jersey was still drying but life moves on.

Work for Brian has gone well. His team recently sold out the debut edition of Front Porch Living and the remaining 3 editions for the year are close to sold out as well. He is really doing well at his Advertising Director job and keeps trying to plug into the community.

Mattea's interim job at the church has gotten off to a fast start. The youth are really encouraged by her teachings and we've been blessed to partner with our good friends, Bryan and Liz Harrell. The youth group has grown over the first 4 weeks and we've recently talked about Facing Our Giants. Interesting to see how all the youth have conquered large giants in their lives these weeks and the happiness that has come from them trusting God.

Addison had a great month as well. Lots of travel recently brought visits to Cookie and Paga's House, then to see Aunt Katie and Uncle Buck and Baby Charlie, then to see Nonna, Papa, See See, Pack-ack, Tasha and Bubba. We also were honored to be guests at Aunt B and Joey's wedding. On top of that, Friday, Daddy got tickets to go see Elmo and so we sang and danced in Norfolk.

September flew by and October is already off to a fast start. Mattea keeps having good reports at the doctor's office and Luke is still healthy and kicking very hard! Only 2 more months now. We're continuing to plan for the youth's Trunk or Treat and then daddy's favorite day of the year is October not Halloween...put up the Christmas decorations day! See you in November!