Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach Fun

Addie has been to the beach twice this year so far. The first beach experience was not a pleasant one for her. We drove down to Florida early one morning in May for my great uncle's funeral and drove back that afternoon so while we were there we just stopped by the beach. She HATED it!!!! She cried when we sat her in the sand and had a complete melt down when I put her feet in the ocean water. She wasn't a happy camper at all.
She didn't like getting dirty... hmm... I wonder when she gets this from. LOL.
Hey, at least she isn't screaming. I actually had to put a shirt under her so she wasn't touching the sand at all.
Now she isn't touching either sand or water and she is happy.
We just got back from Gulf Shores on Sunday. By Sunday she was actually enjoying both sand and water. She wasn't sure of it to begin with.
She LOVED splashing in the ocean then licking the salt water off of her hand. Most of the other pictures that I took she has her tongue sticking out.
This picture was taken early Saturday morning. We just went down for the weekend. She was still a little uncertain of the sand but she warmed up to it quickly.
I absolutely LOVE the beach. I would live down there if I could. We are making another trip down next week and are staying for 12 days. I am so excited. We will be down there for the 4th of July. I can't wait to see Addie's reaction to Fireworks. I hope she stays up that late. The sand and sun wore her out fast this weekend. She slept so well. She slept the whole 4 hours home in the car from the beach which made travel a breeze. Well, I will try to blog more when we are down there. Have a wonderful summer! See you all soon!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Summer time at the ZOO

We have officially became members or the Birmingham Zoo. It was a GREAT investment. We can go to the zoo 363 days out of the year plus get discounts to hundreds of other zoos. Addison LOVES animals. I know that most kids do but her favorite is the monkeys. I guess it started when I was in the hospital waiting to have Addison and Brian and my sister were talking and he said he has decided to "let her like monkeys." She has several stuffed monkeys but there is something about a cotton-top tamarin jumping up and down inches away from you face that is so hilarious and interesting to a 9 month old. She LOVED it.

I must say that the Birmingham Zoo has gotten much better since the last time I went when I was in college. Now there is a splash beach area with a foam bath and fountains for the kids to play in, a cafeteria and plenty of other decent snack bars not to mention the petting zoo and the Sea Lion Splash Show, Rhino Encounter, Camel Rides and Giraffe Feedings.

Addison was also amazed by the butterfly house. One even landed on her hand but before we could get a picture it flew away.

She thinks she is too cool for the hat and sunglasses that I kept putting on her.

We even carried Aunt Selah with us one day. Zebras are also one of our favorite animals, hence the Miss Z she carries everywhere.

The petting zoo was fun, not very clean but fun. Addison thought the goats were little dogs. She kept calling them like she does our dog, Ed.

This is still at the zoo. There is a portion of the zoo by the petting zoo with all of the domestic animals called Grandma's Back Porch. Yes, I know she looks like a boy but we had a hat on all day and I didn't bring a bow. I know... shame on me. It was our first trip to the zoo so give me a break. LOL.

Here is another petting zoo picture. This sheep was much bigger than the other little goats. Addie isn't too sure about her.

Here is another picture of her on the porch. Even though she had on ruffles and earrings, people still thought she was a boy. :(

Here is Daddy and Addie waiting on the Sea Lion Splash Show. Addison is more interested in the other kids there than smiling for the camera.
If you haven't been to the Birmingham Zoo in a while and you are in the area, I highly recommend it. They have made great improvements. Maybe we will see you there. Have a great summer!