Tuesday, June 1, 2010

11 week update

We had a great doctor visit today. They baby looks great! I am slowly feeling better...well, most of the time. The sickness comes in waves but it is mainly still at night. We have decided on names for the baby although we won't find out the sex of the baby for about 2 more months. If it is a girl, we will name her, Avery Rose. We will call her Avery. Rose is after Brian's paternal grandmother, Rosemary. And if it is a boy, we will name him Christopher Luke and call him Luke. Christopher is a family name on my side. My dad and brother both have the first name, Christopher and my first name is Christal (after my dad).
Addie is growing up so fast! She is starting to look like a little girl and not as much like a baby. She is a great big helper. Her friend came over the other day for a play date and Addie helped with her. The little girl is a few months younger than Addie and she is CRAZY about her. They get a long great!
Here are a couple of quotes Addie has said the last couple of days...

Brian was teaching Addie the "Alabama Student Section" version of Dixieland Delight and when they got to the "Spent my dollar" ... Addie yells out "on juice" (after a little coaching from dad)

When asked if I have a baby in my belly Addie causally said "maybe so."

When given a dollar ("doddar" as Addie says) and she is asked what is she going to do with it, she exclaims "SPEND IT!" As if there were anything else you were supposed to do with a dollar or "monies"

We have been calling her a monkey because she is a CLIMBER! Brian called her a "silly monkey" and Addie in turned called him a "cheesy monkey."

Brian has introduced Addie to the Muppet's and she gets all excited telling everyone she watched the "Puppets."

She screams at my belly and rubs it vigorously calling out to "Wuke." She refuses to believe that it might in fact be an Avery.

Addie now calls Ramsey, our dog, "Randy."

Brian has taught Addie how to give massages, which she calls "skeezes." I guess that is because as she is giving a massage, she says "skeeze, skeeze."

She is a MESS!!

Well, I guess that is all for this update. Have a great week!