Friday, July 18, 2008

More Pictures!

Here are our latest sonar pictures taken at 26 weeks 4 days. She is getting so BIG!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

"There will be a prize in the end!"

Did you ever think about wanting something so bad all day and when you finally break down to go get it, they are out of it? Well, multiply that times 10 and that is the way I felt last night when the little girl at Dairy Queen informed me they didn't carry the strawberry shortcake any more. I was completely devastated! I had to settle for a coke float that didn't really hit the spot.

The hormones are getting to me. I was touching up the paint in Addison's room yesterday when I caught myself staring at her bed and just crying. I never knew I could love someone so much that I haven't even met yet. I imagine how she will look, will she have her daddy's dimples, will she even like pink (I sure hope so because she will be smothered with it until she can tell me otherwise.). On top of the emotional breakdowns, the heat is really getting to me. I was washing my car this morning before it got too hot and I found myself drenched with sweat then retreated to the kitchen to stand in front of the freezer. I never knew ICE could feel so good!

In all seriousness, I have been told that "there will be a prize in the end" and I can't wait to meet this wonderful prize. All of the little quirks that comes with becoming a mommy aren't anything when I think of the fact that I am bringing a little piece of both Brian and I into this world and truly uniting the Crow and Pavlick families with this wonderful "prize".

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Weighing in at 1lb and 14 oz.

I had my 24 week doctor visit yesterday. Unfortunately that also encompassed me taking a sugar test (YUCK!), which I barely passed. Anyone who knows me, knows how difficult it would be for me to give up sweets. Thankfully I won't have to do that. Every thing is looking really good as far as Addison is concerned.

Our little girl is growing so fast! It is still really hard to tell who she looks like. In some pictures she looks like me and in others like Brian. She is weighing in at 1lb and 14oz, which measures exactly one week bigger than she should be. I guess its better for her to be bigger than too small. We are fortunate enough to have several sonar pictures each time I go. She is very stubborn. Every time we try to get a good 4-D sonar of her, she has her hands and arms up in her face. Maybe she just wants us to be surprised by her beauty when she finally graces us with her presence.

We finally got Addison's bedding. It is so cute! It is pink and chocolate dots and stripes. I can't wait to get started working on her room. When we get it finished, I will post pictures of it on here.

As time goes by, I begin to get more uncomfortable. As a wise woman once told me, " Its hard work cooking babies!" It is so amazing to have this little person growing inside of me. All of the uncomfortableness disappears when I think of the miracle that God has allowed me to help him create. She is constantly moving so I am constantly reminded of this little blessing.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Small Moments; Big Memories

Its been a great week for the Pavlicks. We bought Addison's first toy (a 2008 Ford Taurus)! the good fellas at Ernest McCarty in Alabaster helped me purchase the first brand new car Mattea has ever owned. And that really started of an awesome week where i relaxed and did some thinking.

It will be 3 months until I'm a dad. Its weird how much I've grown up and yes, still have to go. But i was just thinking, it was 7 years ago this summer that I went off to Europe and then off to Samford. Now, I'm 25, Assistant Advertising Manager of the Shelby County Reporter, married 2 years, own a house, have 2 dogs, and have really found peace of mind.

We just got back from Orange Beach. I thought of all the great beach trips i took and the traditions that have come with it. Playing mini-golf, finding seashells, going to the outlets and eating at lamberts. I can't wait for Addie's first trip to the beach. I saw a lot of little kids this week and in everyone of them, I picture my girl. Wearing those sassy swimsuits, creeping up to the water, letting it hit her toe, laughing and screaming and running back up to mommy, only to do it again. then I thought of her playing mini golf with mommy and daddy and making a hole-in-one. I can't wait for those days.

Tonight, I had the chance to do the simplest of jobs: mow the lawn. yes, i will grow to hate this task but tonight was different. There was a moment where I just stood in the street and looked at our home and smiled. I already have great memories of my home of 6 months. But then I visualized coming home from work and Addie running out the door when daddy gets home. or playing in the sprinkler when she is older. or shooting baskets and smiling when she makes one.

So i write this tonight knowing in 3 months, I will be a dad. I'm not nervous because i take support in the scripture verse on our baby's picture frame (Jer. 1:5 - "Before I made you in your mother's womb, I chose you.") I appreciate all the support from loved ones and I thank God every night for you all. keep Mattea and i in your prayers and if you can't give us a hug anytime soon, hug someone else!