Friday, May 14, 2010


We have had an eventful May already. Here is our first picture of Baby #2. I wasn't supposed to have one until 18 weeks according to my doctors office. I have had a couple of issues and wanted to make sure that everything was ok. Not to mention, make sure there is ONLY one because I have already started showing a little. Everything looks good and there is in fact ONLY one baby. We went to Alabama to visit family while Brian had training in Tuscaloosa. We had a great visit. It was way to short but it was nice. Addie had a ball playing with "She She" (Selah) and "Pack Kack" (Paxton). She LOVES them. Of course it helps that they do whatever she wants and always laughs at everything she does. She thinks she always has to have an audience. LOL
She thinks she is grown and has to do EVERYTHING the girls do.

She is a MESS! We have started to hit the terrible twos. I know you probably can't tell it from this picture. She looks so sweet and innocent. Believe me, she has the temper to match that fiery red hair!
When she isn't having her tantrums, she is a lot of fun. There is never a dull moment around her. She is wide open all the time!

Our current fascinations are Elmo, babies, and climbing on EVERYTHING! She thinks the baby is in my navel. She is constantly trying to pull my shirt up and talk to/kiss the baby. It would be ok if we were just at home when she does it. It doesn't matter where we are if someone asks her where the baby is she either points to her baby doll or pulls my shirt/dress up. It is so embarrassing! She has her Daddy wrapped tighter and tighter everyday around her little finger. She quit crying for me in the middle of the night and when she is tired, she cries for her "DaDa". She will say "Mommy" but still hasn't budged on moving from "DaDa" to "Daddy". It is cute though.
Well, have a wonderful rest of May and we will try to update you more as things occur.