Monday, July 26, 2010

It is a BOY!

We found out on July 16th that we are having a BOY! We are naming him Christopher Luke and calling him Luke. I apologize that it has taken so long to post this. I was debating about even posting a picture because the 3 pictures we got are not very clear. This one is of his face. You can see his eye sockets, mouth and head but that is about it for the details. I refuse to post the "gender" picture. I know one day if I were to do that, he would hate me for it.

Brian kept saying that it was a girl. I didn't have a feeling either way. They only indication that it might be a boy that I had was that this pregnancy has been so different from my last one but I have heard that each pregnancy is different so I didn't think anything else about it. With Addison I craved sweet things and I laughed all the time. This time, I crave sour/salty things and cry all the time. I also have very little tolerance for anything. Go figure. So far, so good as far as my health and the baby's is concerned. We haven't really hit the "critical" period yet. They are a little concerned that I haven't gained much weight. I'm not complaining. They constantly ask Brian if I am eating. I really do eat/snack constantly! I thought...."You run after this very active 2 year old that I have all day everyday and see how much weight you loose." LOL

We have a few ideas for Luke's room but we haven't started anything yet. We are in the process of packing and moving... again. We are staying in Ahoskie but we are moving to another house just outside of town limits. It is about 5 minutes from where we live now.
We have had a very busy summer. We have had visitors for over a month. It has been great getting to spend time with family. The picture above is from...wait for it.... the Wal-Mart parking lot in Ahoskie. When my family got into town, a petting zoo was set up in the parking lot with camels, tigers, monkeys, snakes, goats, ponies, and other animals I can't remember at this time. Addie wasn't too sure about having her picture made with the tiger. It was only 6 weeks old. After the picture, she began to cry for it as we were walking to the car but while it was practically in her lap, she didn't want to have anything to do with it.

We went to Virginia Beach a few times this summer. It was SOOOO HOT! The water was still freezing. We had a great time. One of the trips we rented a family bike/ surrey and rode up and down the board walk. It was... an experience to say the least.
My family was here for the 4th of July. We had a neighborhood block party with a parade for the little kids. It was very nice. I love the sense of community here. It was great that my family got to take part in it as well. We also went shopping a few days and went to the Zoo. Addie LOVES the zoo. I must say that next time we go, it will have to be much cooler. Thank goodness for the fountains to play in or we really would have been miserable.
Brian's parents came down first in June. They stayed for a week and we went to The Great Wolf Lodge in Williamsburg, VA. That place was nice. Addison liked it but I think she would have enjoyed it a lot more if she were older. The place was covered up with 7-12 year olds. I think that would be the prime age to go back due to all the activities for the kids. The water park indoors was nice and by the second day Addie was having a blast but she still wasn't big enough to do everything. That's ok... Brian and "Paga" made up for it by going down all the big slides multiple times. LOL. "Cookie" and "Paga" were able to go to a Rotary social that Brian had on the Chowan River in Winton. Addie also got to go on her first boat ride. She wasn't too sure about it. She wouldn't turn loose of my neck. Well, at least we can say she has been on a boat.
I guess that is about it for catching up. So many things are happening in our lives that keep us on the go constantly. Hopefully it won't be as long before I update again. I go back to the doctor on August 12th, so I will try to update the blog then if not before. Have a great rest of the summer!