Tuesday, October 21, 2008

6 Weeks

Many of you have asked for a Daddy update. I'm doing well. Thanks!

I guess I need to start from the time we came home. It's comforting starting life in Alabaster. Addison does great in the morning and even better at night! She sleeps in the bed in between Mattea and myself. When we start to get ready in the morning, she stays asleep in the big bed. The visual of her by herself in her "queen" size bed is enough to get your day started on a bright note.

the first day I had to go back to work, it was really hard to leave. As much as I wanted to get back into a routine, I kept thinking about my girls back home. I knew they would be ok together but I never want to miss a moment! I guess I've become a softy.

When i get home, I always get to hold her. Typically, she's sleeping and that's fine. We still get our quality Addie and Daddie time. I feel honored that Mattea lets me change Addie's diapers...she even renamed them Daddy Diapers. It is truly special to have poop named after you but hey, it works.

There are two things that Addison loves the most.....her showers and dancing with Daddy. You would think a baby would scream the whole time she was in a shower but she absolutely loves the water. She gets her face right in there and gets all cleaned up. The part where she cries is when we get her in a towel.

Daddy Dancing Time happens every once in a while when Mommy falls asleep. We go downstairs and put on the music channels on the TV. She mostly likes Arena Rock, Party Zone, and the 70s (sound familiar). She really has enjoyed selections from Queen, Katy Perry, and Chicago! Can't blame's good music.

Some other things we do are reading Daddy's old Sesame Street Books, Watching Disney Movies, going on walks in her stroller and watching Alabama Football (she is the reason they are undefeated).

Its weird to know she has been on this earth for 6 weeks and that she should've come this past Sunday. it's like that defies the law of physics or something! But it's been a great 6 weeks. We ahve already made several trips to Fort Payne and had dinner for a night in Montgomery. Of course, she is slowly becomming the queen of alabaster. Everyone has either seen her or has seen the pics.

Mattea has done soo well since the birth. She has since subbed at some of the local schools and has been brave enough to leave Addison at home. Don't worry.....she is getting spoiled with MeMe (my grandmother from New York) and Nena (my mom).

It will be nice this weekend when Mattea and I finally get a chance to relax and nothing else. We need this weekend to recoop and catch our breath. pretty soon we'll have the holidays and that will be special. Addie's first Christmas is coming and I get to play Santa.....why not? i've already got the suit.

And because I can't leave this on a serious note, here are some musings that I thought of for you:

*You are never too young to have pierced ears.....or painted fingernails!
*It can be ugly as sin.....but if it is sized is the cutest outfit ever.
*Actually....every new day is the cutest outfit ever!
*I secretly put an extra dab of Sleep Time Lotion on my hands to help me fall asleep.
*You can never own enough burp cloths, germx, diapers, baby wipes or hair bows!
*Finally.....the only outfit a little girl should wear for her first Halloween is a cat outfit....thus Addie the Kitty is born!

Love to all,

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Loving every minute of it!

I know it has been a while since we have updated the blog. Sorry! I have been a little busy lately. A lot of things have happened since we last wrote. Addison is now almost 6 weeks and we are approaching her due date on Sunday. Addison is wonderful! I am absolutely loving every minute of it! She is now almost 6 pounds.

We have already experienced several firsts together. At about 2 1/2 weeks, she was able to take her first bath. She LOVES water! It is the transition time from to the tub to back to her PJ's that she isn't thrilled about. Baths absolutely exhaust her. It is so cute.

We also took her to Samford University for the first time on Saturday. She got to see where Mommy and Daddy met. We took her to her first football game. It was a lot of fun with all of the pre-game festivities that were not available when we went to school there.

Our families are absolutely crazy about her. They jump every time she makes a sound. She is already so spoiled! Addie has now gotten to meet both of her great grandmothers. Babies cannot ever have too much love. I love the fact that she is surrounded with so much love. Brian's grandmother is now staying with us for a little while. It has been great! The only problem is that I have been eating so much of her wonderful cooking that I may never lose all of this baby weight. The other night after dinner I was looking around and couldn't see the baby and she had her wrapped up in her apron. It was so cute! We have spent most of the day today baking cookies. I have so much to learn from her. My grandmother asks about Addison all the time. The minute we walk in the door, she wants to hold her. We usually have to fight her to get to hold her.

I went back to work for the first time this week. It was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do. I cried all morning. I even went home at lunch just to see her. She was fine. Her grandmother (Nena) and her great grandmother (meme) had everything under control. We are very blessed that she hasn't had to go to daycare yet.

For those of you who are interested, Addison's baby dedication will be November 9th at 11:00am at our church, Westwood Baptist Church. We would love it to have as many friends and family there as possible. If you can't make it, please just lift up our family in your prayers.

When more stories and pictures are available, we will post them. Until then, ENJOY!